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About the Tillamook and Astoria Railroad Company

Locale:   Western Oregon with a mix of real towns and some little known (mythical) settings


Time Period: 1912


Scales: HO and HOn3


Layout Size:  Approximately 12 feet by 25 feet – All track is Micro Engineering

Main Line HO: 188 feet

Standard Gauge Yards: 41 feet

Main Line HOn3: 136 feet

Narrow Gauge Yards: 23 feet

Dual Gauge Track: 11 feet


Notes: The railroad was recently expanded nearly doubling its size.  The original section has most of its terrain while the addition is still open benchwork.  The painted backdrops are complete.  Both code 83 and code 70 rail is in use.  There are forty four turnouts on the layout and these are Micro Engineering except for the dual gauge and curved turnouts which are Shinohara products.  Point motors are a combination of SwitchMaster stall motors and Cobalt iP Digital machines.  The control panels are a glass touch screen style that makes use of Berrett Hill’s Touch Toggles.  There is one turntable. 

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