The Bullet 2019

Mid-Central Region Convention

National Model Railroad Association

May 2- 5, 2019

Trish & Sam Eisele

Sam - It’s All in The Details:

Bring your layout to life!  Tired of those empty buildings and mundane scenes?  Learn to make believable additions to your layout from common materials that most people have at home already.  Do you have an old dead copier at home?  Turn it into a treasure trove of parts . -  Who knew?  A piece of  "junk" turned valuable again!  Turn a common ink cartridge into a stunning piece of machinery to fill out that empty factory or any number of other easy to make items that you can accomplish in as little as an evening.

Trish & Sam - Hobo Homemade Soups: (Extra Fare Event $8.00)

May 2 , 4:00 to 5:00 PM , Limit 30 participants.  Join Sam and Trish in the Bluffton Room as they prepare three bountiful soups for you to sample. The recipes will be provided so you can make these delicious soups at home. There is a maximum of 30 seats available for this extra fare clinic.  Sign up soon!

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