The Bullet 2019

Mid-Central Region Convention

National Model Railroad Association

May 2- 5, 2019

Rich Mahaney

What To Do With “Old Era” Railroad Equipment:

This 60 minute presentation will give model railroaders some ideas on what to do with “old era” railroad equipment.  “Old era” railroad equipment becomes available if you decide to change railroad time periods (1940’s to 2007 as example), equipment that crashes to the floor, cheap plastic cars purchased years ago that are replaced with the quality cars of today, railroad equipment interest changes, etc. These are all real examples.

Tank Cars 101 For Model Railroaders:

This 60 plus minute presentation looks at the different types of tanks cars that are used today, older style tank cars, tank car features, tank car models, how to increase tank car traffic on a model railroad layout, industries that use tank cars, and loading and unloading platforms/facilities. 

Junctions, Interchanges, and Diamonds For Your Model Railroad:

This 60 minute presentation looks at real railroad junctions, interchanges and diamonds and how they can be modeled by model railroaders.  Their use can allow more rail traffic, the use of other railroad equipment and can some interesting operations.  If a modeler likes a number of railroads, this is the solution to allow the many of different railroads to operate on a layout.  A variety of examples from different model railroads are shown as part of this presentation.

Tank Car Industries:

A 60 minute look at industries that use tank cars to offload and load, storage tanks for low and high pressure products, loading racks, heating unloading, low pressure and high pressure tank cars and other related topics.

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