Using Fast Tracks Fixtures and Jigs to Create a Gauntlet (Scale) Track:

The clinic focuses on how to create a gauntlet track to be used as a scale track for your model railroad, using Fast Tracks fixtures (turnout assembly fixture) and jigs (point forming tool). We will also discuss the function and finish of the gauntlet track on a model railroad as well as prototypical installations as a scale track and more. Scratchbuilding a gauntlet track may be used as one of the three scratchbuilding requirements for the MMR Model Railroad Engineer – Civil Certificate.

Re-purposing Rolling Stock:

Instead of tossing it or giving it away, find a new use for your old, damaged, “gifted,” or otherwise unsuitable rolling stock on your layout. This clinic takes a look at what the prototype and other modeler’s have done with rolling stock that no longer worked for its original purpose. It will focus on the details we can add as modelers to make it standout and look more prototypical on our layouts. We will also briefly look at how Division 8 is working on a square foot display/diorama challenge this year.

Operations on Tom Guenthner's L&N Layout:

The clinic begins with an overview of Tom Guenthner's HO scale layout, a 1960-1970 era Louisville & Nashville representation of the Cumberland Valley Division. You'll see the paperwork used to make it come to life during an ops session and how dispatching is managed using JMRI software and an Apple computer server. We’ll cover some of the major points in the evolution of Ops Sessions on the layout over the past 8 years. The presentation includes graphics, photographs, and video to tell the story about moving freight across the railroad between Appalachia, Barbourville, Corbin, Harlan, Loyall, Three Point, and more.

Fred Soward

The Bullet 2019

Mid-Central Region Convention

National Model Railroad Association

May 2- 5, 2019

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