The Bullet 2019

Mid-Central Region Convention

National Model Railroad Association

May 2- 5, 2019


Clinicians                         Clinic Titles                                                                               

Bob Belt                             "Building in Brass - The McKeen Car"

Andrew W. Blenko           "Streetscapes"

                                             “Walt Disney’s Railroad Story”

Mike Bradley                     "Kitbashing M of W Trucks 1950 – 1970"

Donald Bonk                     “Why Not a Pulp and Paper Mill”

                                             “Where is Aultman Ohio”

Dave Capron, MMR         "Building Craftsman Kits"

                                             "Full Operations on a Small Room Size Layout"

Chuck Endreola               “Carving Lightweight Foam Rock Faces”

CMR Products                  “Decaling 101: The Basics of Applying Waterslide Decals”

                                             “Weathering with Waterslide Decals”

Bob Frankrone                 “Love Those Loads”

                                             “Tourist and Scenic Railroads – Vol I”

                                             “Tourist and Scenic Railroads – Vol II”

                                             “Creating Operations on the Louisville Southern Lines”

Philip Gliebe                      “Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock Kit-Bashing Ideas”

                                             “Narrow Gauge Locomotive Kit-Bashing Ideas”

Kevin Hunter                     “Making Control Panels Painlessly”

Chuck Klein                       “Cleveland’s Towering Landmark”

Darrell Logan                    "Making A Latex Mold”

                                             “Painting Clouds with Stencils”

Bruce DeMaeyer              “Building Serious Mountain Scenery”

                                             “How to Get Started in T-Trak”

Sam Eisele                         “It’s All in The Details”

Trish & Sam Eisele           “Hobo Homemade Soups”

Joe Filipiak                         “The Brick Industry”

Aric Hartle                          “Table Top Railroading with T-Trak Modules”

Rich Hartley                       "Figure Painting"

Bruce Hukill                       “Module Photo Backdrop”

Gary Kohler                        "Modeling with the Manufacturer"

Rich Mahaney                   “What To Do With “Old Era” Railroad Equipment”

                                              “Tank Cars 101 For Model Railroaders”

                                              “Junctions, Interchanges, and Diamonds For Your Model Railroad”

                                              “Tank Car Industries”

Dave Neff                            "Design Considerations for Engine Terminals"

George Pandelios              “Modeling Weirton Steel”

Rick Rowlands                   “J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad”

Fred Soward                       "Using Fast Tracks Fixtures and Jigs to Create a Gauntlet  (Scale) Track

                                               "Re-Purposing Rolling Stock"

                                               “Operations on Tom Guenthner’s L&N Layout”

Sam Swanson, MMR        “Delving into Detailing”

Neal Schorr                         “Engineering The Right of Way”

Bob Weinheimer, MMR    “Evolution of an Operating Scheme”

                                               "Getting Started in Operations”

                                               “Operations on the Pennsylvania Southern”

Steve Zapytowski, MMR “Mid-Central Region Model Contest Administration Clinic"

                                               “How to Prepare and Present a Clinic”

                                               “Judging the Mid-Central Region Model Contest”

                                               "Benchwork: Expanding the Empire"

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