The Bullet 2019

Mid-Central Region Convention

National Model Railroad Association

May 2- 5, 2019

Bob Weinheimer

Evolution of an Operating Scheme:

This clinic looks at how the Pennsylvania Southern and its operating scheme have evolved over the past 35 years.  Any large layout grows with time to its current form and this layout is no exception.  While the layout has moved twice, it has been in its present location for most of its existence.  Those moves offered opportunities for development.  Industrial growth over the years also led to the need for more cars, more trains to handle them, and more and different staging methods for those trains.  As the crews improved their operating skills and as technology improved the methods of dispatching the railroad have also changed.  All of these subjects will be discussed in this clinic.

Getting Started in Operations:

This is an EduTRAIN clinic written by the presenter.  In this clinic, I will take a high level approach to the sorts of issues someone starting out in operations might consider.  Probably one of the most important is to determine how the operation is intended to interact with the rest of the world.  Other issues include train authorization methods, how to determine where cars should go, ideas on car fleets, a consideration of era.  Options to consider for each of those areas are presented, it will be up to the operator to choose what works best for him or her. 

Operations on the Pennsylvania Southern:

The Pennsylvania Southern is a freelance layout set in 1980 in western Pennsylvania.  The Pennsylvania Southern uses train orders but no timetable as all trains are run as extras.  We use single use waybills for car routing.  These and other topics for discussion include layout philosophy, train scheduling, car fleet description, train schedules, dispatching issues, and supporting paperwork.

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